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Andrew Lokenauth, Founder

Andrew’s expertise comes from real-world knowledge, sharpened through 15 years working on Wall Street and Banking, having held roles at Goldman Sachs, CitiBank and JPMorgan, and holding his degree in finance.

Andrew is one of the most credible, trusted and followed thought leaders in finance, as well as a LinkedIn Top Voice. He’s built a community of 1 million followers across social media platforms, with over 200 million impressions per month.

His insights have been featured in national press hundreds of times, with weekly features in the Wall St. Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Fox News, NBC and CBS.

Andrew leverages his education and professional experience to provide insights into investing and personal finance, to help people make smarter decisions with their money.

He is well-known and recognized for his content on money, finance and investing, which he shares with millions each week through this website, newsletter, and 1 million social media followers, to their smartphones, tablets, and computers.

To find out more visit AndrewLokenauth.com.

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